About us

Espace L” is a forum dedicated for children, to help in improving their oral language skills, memory skills and logical analysis. A 3L program demonstrating language, logic, and leisure is facilitated by Ms. Aline Abou Karam, a speech and language therapist. 

The 3L program began with a small group of children aged between 4 and 6 years. Adopting ideas out of the box, combining learning strategies, improving social skills, boosting communication and logical analysis while having fun were my main concern. Leading a trilingual space for children to explore and grow through an objective based approach.  For that and much more “Espace L” would be a beneficial forum for children.

Parents have their share too. Espace L provides workshops for parents and activity ideas to help them aid their kids at home.

Meet Aline

Speech and language Therapist

I am Aline Abou Karam, a Lebanese Speech and Language Pathologist with more than 12 years of experience in the field. I had the chance to help kids’ develop and grow through their difficulties, alongside to have had the opportunity to help and train parents/teachers to build appropriate environments for their kids.

Throughout my clinical work, I discovered that kids need a happy place to play, learn, and develop their language and logical skills in a fun manner far from traditional activities and setups. Kids strive and grow through enjoyable activities and hands-on experiences. So, in July 2019, I created Espace L.

I believe that every child may develop through his/her struggles. Cooperation, engagement and motivation pave the path to growth and development. With fun, enjoyment and pleasure we shall take tiny steps towards empowerment.