3L Games

Play Move Win

Print our funny “Play Move Win” board game by clicking on this link:

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Easter Puzzle

We love to play puzzles because of the many benefits that we can derive from them especially in the child’s development. Puzzles not only exercise our minds but also challenge our way of thinking.

Click on the link below to print our Easter puzzle.

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Egg Letters Hunt

Enjoy our Easter activity.
Go to this link and print the eggs:

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Word Maker

Have u ever tried to rename shapes? Objects or animals? Blending sounds, writing and reading simple syllables in addition to visual attention will be boosted through this activity! ...Try it in all languages...

Train Your Brain

Train your brain and boost your auditory memory and attention skills by playing this game with your kids. Check the link for our free printable sheet.

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Speedy Words

You want to develop your kids’ speech fluency? Thinking of a funny way to help them think and react fast? Speedy words is a must try

Tricky Words

Tricky words is one of the best games to help your kids improve their reading skills, increase the speed of reading and stimulate their visual attention . This free printable game is available in 3 languages

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Guess Who

Guess who, is a family game that suits all ages. It helps learning adjectives, asking questions, receiving information and improving the listening skills.

What's inside

What's inside? A simple game that suits all ages. It helps developing your kid's vocabulary, critical thinking and memory skills.

Wein mkhebbeye

Wein mkhebeye?" It is an entertaining game that helps to expand the imagination and improve the level of focus as it supports the development of language in a fun way.

Picture Hunt

This game helps your child develop their auditory discrimination skills in a fun way. All you need to do is to give your child any camera (phone, Ipad...) and ask him to take as many pictures as he can starting with a letter or sound that u choose. Let him run around the house searching and taking pictures.